Hannes Mueller

Things I do

Most of my time is dedicated to academic research. But I also teach graduate courses and engage in policy related work. I regard both of these activities an important part of disseminating the insights gained from research.

Academic Research

My research fields are in Political Economy, Development Economics, Conflict and Machine Learning.


Teaching political economy, conflict studies and machine learning for graduate students at the UAB and the BGSE.

Policy Reports

My policy work is directly related to my academic research on armed conflict, political institutions and industrial organisation.


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2018 - Can Power-sharing Foster Peace? Evidence From Northern Ireland

Economic Policy, 33(95), pp. 447–484. / joint with Dominic Rohner
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2018 - Reading Between the Lines: Prediction of Political Violence Using Newspaper Text

American Political Science Review, 112(2), pp. 358-375. / joint with Christopher Rauh
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2018 - Feeling Useless: the Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health in the Great Recession

IZA Journal of Labour Economics, 7(8). / joint with Lídia Farré and Francesco Fasani
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2018 - Predation, Protection and Productivity: A Firm-Level Perspective

American Economic Journal: Macro, 10(2), pp. 184-221. / joint with Tim Besley
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My Blog

This section contains private fun. Mostly the things you find here are links to TED talks and other videos that impressed or entertained me. Entertainment section is at the bottom.

Please write an email if links are broken.

Things that I find entertaining, interesting, informative

You are going to find this things that I find entertaining, interesting or informative. (mostly videos)

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Salon materials - interesting things to debate

You are going to find some reference links that I think will be helpful for an interesting discussion.

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